Holiday Giving Campaign 2016


In the past year, immigration has been discussed so frequently and flippantly, it has become almost impersonal.

But for many of our youth, this issue holds deep personal meaning and impacts their everyday lives.

One of our mentees grew up in a small cramped apartment in Chinatown, with his dad waiting tables and his mom sewing clothes in a factory. From an early age, he managed all communication in English for his family. Despite these challenges, he studied hard and was accepted to a private university for engineering.

However, as an undocumented immigrant, he was ineligible to receive federal financial aid. When Apex staff found out, we accompanied him to the university, met with financial aid officers and successfully appealed for private aid to make his education affordable. He enrolled this fall, becoming the first generation in his family to attend college.

Sharing his story at an event, the mentee said, “Apex is important because it provides opportunities for young adults like me. It takes on the role of a support system for immigrant youth who are on their own because their parents are busy working… I want to take care of my parents and repay them for all the sacrifices they made. It’ll be a long time from now, and it’ll be a challenge. But until then, I know Apex will prepare me for the challenges to come.”

We are proud of this mentee and all of the people Apex has impacted. This #GivingTuesday, in honor of Apex’s 25th Anniversary, please donate $25 to support our youth, volunteers and staff whose relationships make a difference in so many lives.