Summer League 2016 Recap

In conjunction with the Dynasty Project, we successfully hosted another season of our annual summer basketball league, We Run as One! From July 8 to August 13, we held games on Saturdays for 4th – 8th graders to play with their peers, culminating in a final tournament. Participants this year included students from our regular basketball partner schools, P.S. 1, P.S. 2, P.S.42, P.S.130, and LMC (Lower Manhattan Community Middle School). This year we hosted 18 teams with 200+ students!

Our volunteer coaches, many of whom coach throughout the school year, teach students to love the sport, build self-confidence and foster sportsmanship, teamwork and dedication. During the school year, students received additional basketball training through inter-school scrimmages we organized. Players from each site competed together in teams at these basketball tournaments; our students definitely learned a lot about basketball and from our coaches! Two particular volunteers who coached at sites P.S.130 and P.S.42 actually attended those schools for elementary school, and it was very inspiring for them to volunteer in the school they graduated from. They were eager to come back to the school and were dedicated every Saturday, coaching for our program. This year, we had an extremely high level of sportsmanship from all of our participants. Thank you to our students, coaches, volunteers and staff for contributing to our program!

-Celine Yan, Apex Development Intern