Summer League Alumni Give Back

Photo of our alumnus from last year!

Our annual We Run as One summer basketball league this year saw alumni returning to help out! Currently in high school, these volunteers formerly participated in our league as team members from ISS Flightz, an Immigrant Social Services evening basketball program here in our local Chinatown community. They helped keep score, time and coach our Summer League students, and thoroughly enjoyed the program. Thank you to Coach Anthony, for doing a great job leading the veterans to become great, helpful volunteers. They committed to the program from beginning to end, each and every Saturday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. It was incredibly rewarding and special to see our Summer League alumni participating in community activism by coming back to the program they have been a part of since they were young. We missed out on getting a group photo of them this year, but see above for their team photo from last year, when they were in middle school and still eligible to play in the league!

-Celine Yan, Apex Development Intern